Apples are back for the 2014 season and we have more varieties than ever before!!

Our new U-Pick orchard will offer many new and traditional varieties this year.  And better yet, all of the trees are small and easy for everyone to reach without a ladder.  Available picked or u-pick.  See varieties below


     Prices                                                        Honey Crisp Prices

1/2 Peck       $5.00                                                  $10.00

1 Peck          $9.00                                                  $18.00

1/2 Bushel  $16.00                                                  $30.00

1 Bushel     $30.00                                                   $50.00





1.  FUJI     (Late October)                                                         

*sweet-tart, crunchy

*keep well

*fresh and baked


2.  GOLDEN DELICIOUS     (Eartly October)

*sweet, firm

*sauce and dessert

*fresh, baked


3.RED DELICIOUS     (Early October) 

*sweet, juicy, crunchy



4.  JONAGOLD     (Late September)                  

*Sweet, firm, juicy

*very aromatic

*fresh, baked


5.  SNOW SWEET      (Late September)

*sweet, tart, firm

*slow to brown when cut

*fresh, baked, salads, caramel apples


6.  "RUBY JON" JONATHAN      (Late September)


*sauce, pies

*fresh and baked


7.  CAMEO     (Mid October)                        

*  tart, sweet, crisp

*  sauce, salads, pies

*fresh and baked


8.  HONEY CRISP (Mid September)

*juicy and sweet

*enjoy fresh or in salads


9.   IDA RED     (Early October)


*firm and stores well

*fresh and baked


 10.   RUBY MAC     (Mid September) 

*sweet-tart, juicy

*sauce, lunch box

*fresh and baked 


11.  EMPIRE      (Mid September)

*sweet-tart, firm

*good storage

*fresh and baked


12.  MUTSU (CRISPIN)     (Mid October)

*sweet-tart, juicy

*pies and sauce

*fresh and baked


13.  NORTHERN SPY      (Late September)         


*tart and hard

*antique variety

*good storage

*pie, baked, sauce


14.  ROME     (Mid October)

*sweet and firm

*fresh, sauce, baked

*good storage




 Pumpkinsimages/stories/fruit ridge hayrides 008.jpg

  • Huge pumpkins are available from mid-September through October.  Come early to get the really big ones.  Available picked or u-pick straight from the patch where they are grown.

  • ALL Pumpkins (average 20 to over 45lbs) are just $5.


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